Weather, Fishing heating up for fishing charters in Naples, Goodland, Marco Island and kid catches big snook!

May 22, 2024 4:49 pm By:

The weather has heated up and so has the fishing!  Fishing charters in Naples Marco Island and Goodland have been very productive.  In the back country, the snook, redfish and sharks have been common on most fishing trips.  The permit and cobia fishing charters are producing quality fish every time when we are able to sneak out to the shallow wrecks around the winds. 

We love taking kids on fishing charters in Naples, Marco Island and Goodland, and when Leo called to set up a fishing trip from Naples, with 2 adults, and 4 kids, I said let’s get those kids out there fishing!

It was a windy day, but the snapper were biting just about everywhere we went.   After a couple of hours in the heat, and dozens of snapper later, it was time to change things up.  We made one last stop to see to try and get at least one nice redfish or snook on one of their lines.  Using chunks of a ladyfish they caught earlier, we skipped the baits into 4 spots along one of my favorite mangrove lined shorelines. 

As we sat for 5 minutes, I could see the kids starting to fidget as we stared at the shoreline each chunk bait was sitting along.  As I started to make up stories, concoct parables, and fabricate yarns about patience and big fish, Adrian’s line suddenly twitched and  started moving sideways under the trees.   

“Kid, something has your bait!  Reel reel reel!” I bellowed at Adrian.  He tightened up the line and pulled back hard, a huge boil erupted under the mangroves and a big fish was ripping off the drag. As I squealed at the kids and dads to reel in the other 3 lines and get out of the way, Adrian followed his directions perfectly, dipped his rod low, raised it high, and several big runs, and gill rattling jumps later, he eased the big fish into the net, and had a big trophy snook on board!  The look of awe on the other kids faces, and the smile on the kid’s and dads’ faces were proof of a Saturday morning well spent!

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