Triple Fishing is Triple the fun!

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It is that time of the year, now that the crab trap buoys have been out for a month or so, and the ropes and floats are getting nice and slimy with growth from being in the sea. Tiny baitfish and small crustaceans are in attracted to the floating buoys and ropes, and the slimier, the better.

The tripletail are in turn attracted to the aforementioned forage opportunities. They also use the floats and ropes to camouflage themselves from their own predators.

It is often quite hard to discern a tripletail, laying on the surface, on its side, nosed up to a buoy or rope. They look exactly like a chunk of sea weed caught in the rope.

So you may ask, what are these this, and why are they so cool? Well, like their name, the tripletail is triple fun. First, they are extremely stubborn, strong, and sometimes acrobatic fighters. Second, they are easily one of the tastiest fish in the sea, anywhere. They are pretty big fish too, so one nice big tripletail in the box can guarantee the whole family eats, and there may be leftovers.

I personally love them fried! Lastly, these fish are sight casted. Sight fishing is one of the sportiest, and most exciting ways to land a fish. The tripletail can be very persnickety, but a properly placed bait, always has a great chance to get eaten. The experience of stalking a fish, seeing it, and casting to it, provides excitement and thrills. Like a blend of hunting and fishing. Because tripletail generally orient to the crab trap buoys, the novice will get several shots at making a great cast with the worry of spooking one.

Once hooked, the real fun begins. Tripletail fight deep. They jump. Tripletail rip out drag on blistering runs and they are very adept at using the buoy and rope as a last measure to escape. I like to use light tackle so we can really feel everything these tasty sportfish have to offer.

As for bait, the tried and true bait for tripletail, is a big live shrimp. I like to rig them weedlessly from the tail, to avoid snagging the ropes and buoys. Another great bait is a small pilchard, tail or belly hooked so you can control the presentation and assure the fish can catch your bait. Tripletail are also good sports at taking artificial. My favorite artificial is a tail hooked Gulp shrimp.

If you want to catch a fish that can provide a challenge on the rod, some skill to hook, and tastes as good as any fish you will catch in Florida, let’s book a trip and start the day with one of these trophies!

Captain Tim


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