Teamwork put this big snook in the boat!

March 30, 2020 5:32 pm By:

Sheila from Naples has a restless kid home from school and a hankering for some fresh snook. Well, she got her wish. Her daughter Kaia, in the middle of giving me grief for the slow bite, was holding a stout rod rigged with a big tail hooked thread suddenly got railroaded into the pilings…Captain Tim to the rescue, snatched the rod from her and started horsing the unseen force, when a loud crack and slack line signaled a broken custom Gator Rod and lost fish…but NO. I grabbed the top half and Kaia held the reel and butt half and we started cranking…when the battle started slipping, like a cat, Sheila pounced on the situation and all three of us went to work. Me on the pulling end, them reeling…suddenly the unseen force ripped drag sideways, and left the bottom for a blistering run out of the pilings…still no jump, still not sure what we were dealing with. For what seemed an eternity, we worked…pump reel, drag scream, pump reel, back towards pilings, barely steer it out, pump reel, pump reel…eventually, we started gaining ground and the fish started towards the boat…this was gonna be a no net monster grab! Suddenly all the pumping and reeling paid off and BOOM, big snook slid past boat for another run. Turned it, eased it up, and lip locked that pig for the victory! 33 inches, 14 pounds, and 2 giant filets! Not to mention several more nice snook on the way back to Naples! Sheila Kaia and their family are eating good tonight…Captain Tim just got the other one friend, and blackened at the best southern seafood house in Naples!
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Check out Sheila and Kaya with the broken rod in the back ground…Sheila looks like she is ready to eat that fish now!
We are catching 20 snook like this every trip all over the beaches…awesome fun!