Summer Fishing Charters and Catching Redfish make the perfect morning on the water!

May 24, 2024 3:08 pm By:

Summer morning fishing charters, and catching redfish are the perfect way to start the day. Jonah and his girlfriend Kristine took a morning trip out, and we ended up down by Marco Island.  After hooking a losing 3 big bluefish, Kristine’s line twitched, and when she reeled the line tight and set the hook, a big redfish rolled up to the surface with an angry boil, and the battle was on.  This big fish ripped off drag away from the mangroves, but then swung back in as we scrambled to pull away, and went under the trees.  Kristine dipped her rod down into water perfectly, and the angry fish swam unimpeded right down the shoreline without cutting the line.  As soon as it cleared the bushes, she raised her rod back up, and after several runs, and trips around the boat, gently played the fish to the net, and released.

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