Captains go Snook Fishing in the 10000 Islands!

August 29, 2022 1:57 pm By:
Fat jewfish (goliath grouper) and the rare fat shirtless captain belly!

When two captains go fishing in the 10,000 islands on a nice day off, it is always a good time. Had nice little morning doing some exploring and freshening up the book of spots with my boi, Captain Tom Cooprider…flat out hammered some nice slot snook, with a coupla stout oversized big girls as well.

Captain Tim with a 37 inch snook on the first cast of the morning!

Also pounded a dozen jewfish up to 35 pounds and several nice trout. Also, caught a rare fat captain gut un-shirted out there in the heat.

Spotted Seatrout were biting any of the pilchards that made it past the snook and goliath grouper in the mangroves and overhangs out into the channels

It was Coop’s biggest catch of the day showing off his always ‘outstanding’ photography skills.

Cannot wait to share some of these fish and their fishy haunts with clients!

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