Redfish, Snook, Tripletail Sheepshead, Mangrove Snapper have all been hungry and chewing!

January 20, 2020 7:22 pm By:

It has been a busy winter season the past 5 or 6 weeks! The fishing has swung back and forth from the wintertime patterns, which consist of fishing the deep holes in the far reaches of the back bays, with shrimp and tipped jigs for sheepshead, snapper, black drum, pompano, and other tasty treats, to the warmer days, with live bait and loads of snook, redfish and trout added to the catches, to the really warm days, with bigger baits, and of course bigger snook, and more exciting fishing!  And one of my favorite kinds of fishing, sight fishing for big tripletail, has been really good when calm seas allow it.

As always, I love to bring out the kids and work with them to stoke their interest in the fishing fire, and allow you to enjoy a day fishing too!  I also love getting advanced anglers out and trophy hunting tournament style!

Here are some cool catches dating back into December to get you exited for all of it!

We have been flat out crushing the tasty triple tail when the seas are calm! John and his wife Deb banged a couple of nice ones.
How about Sara and her little helper with this nice redfish!
Big smiles and sheepshead! Anna did a great job!
This may be one of the best little fishermen I took out! Claira used a yellow jig tipped with shrimp to catch this nice redfish!
Mike from Michigan took advantage of a cold windy morning and banged on some sheepshead, among other things, for dinner!
Christmas Eve trout in the creeks on a windy day!
Doug came down from Tennessee and jumped on the warm weather and about 20 big snook!
Sean and Bob from PA brought their sons, 4 and 5. out for the morning last week. We started the day with Bob catching a stout tripletail for dinner, and the boys have a blast catching backwater stuff and playing in the livewell.

I hope these pics give a good idea of how the winter fishing is progressing down here with Captain Tim and Southern Gentlemen Fishing! Book a trip and lets go have some fun, bend some rods and make some memories! (and catch dinner!)

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