Mini Season 2019 was a blast!

July 29, 2019 11:43 pm By:

The 2019 Mini Season in the Florida Keys was blessed with spectacular weather and plenty of big lobsters. We like to focus on the Little Torch, Cudjoe, Summerland Keys, and of course the Content Keys.

Tallie and Marlowe at the cleaning table with some nice Florida Lobster

This year we squeezed nine on the boat, 7 of which were girls, and those girls certainly produced. We loaded up 54 lobsters on Day 1, all in the shallows of the Content Keys and Little Torch. I love to start day one in the shallows because it gives everyone in the boat, regardless of skill, a chance to spread out snorkel and see the wonders of the underwater world, and have plenty of chances to catch lobsters. This also gives us a chance to load up bugs from our own spots before others find them first. We even have a couple of really shallow waist deep spots most folks cannot get to, and they all were holding plenty of nice keepers too.

Raylee is pulling out the prisoners for a trip to the cleaning table. The Maverick holds 50-60 big lobster easily in each livewell.
out to join the hunt, while Cassidy chills in the shade of the Gator umbrella!\

On day 2, we switch gears to a more advanced style of lobstering, which involves using my electric Hooka rig with allows 2 snorkelers at a time the chance to get down into the deeper cuts around Cudjo Key. Instead of the 3-6′ waters of day one, we are in deep channels working ledges in 20-25′ depths. The trick is to time it between the currents and then everyone in the boat can get in and swim, snorkel, and hover over the 2 divers like a crown watching a sport. Its always funny seeing the snorkelers get excited as the divers below fill their bags.

Lobstering the deep water takes a team effort managing the diver hoses, while I drive the boat
Raylee coming up with a load from the deep!

This year, the lobster were absolutely huge. On Day 2 we did not need to measure any, as they were all giant. Both days, we did not even need to keep anything close to being under the size limit.

They always want to balance a lobster on their heads!

Lobster Season Opens back up on August 6th! Call me to book a day or a morning or afternoon having a blast on the water. The crowds are smaller and there is less pressure on the spots during regular season, so it sets up nicely for a family day on the water in the beautiful Lower Keys!

Jules having fun at the cleaning table!
Sam with 2 biggies!
Got to get a shot of the Captain with his 2 lobster catchers!

Captain Tim