Late August and early September Evenings are made for Fishing!

August 29, 2019 7:41 pm By:

If you work hard all day, or just cant take the brutal late summer sun and heat, than an evening trip is for you! We start at 5 or 6 pm and fish the tide till 9 or 10. We are looking for big fish. Sometimes we will use live mullet, sometimes we will use big threadfins, but we will enjoy a wonderful sunset, and an opportunity to catch an awesome fish!

Titus with a nice evening snook
The look on Joe’s face say’s it all! Beautiful sunset, sweet sea breeze, and a big snook!
Nick with a feisty tarpon that got in on the action!

The fishing is peaceful and easy to do. We aren’t up in the mangroves casting and working. We will have big baits freelined behind the boat as we drift with the current or slow troll. Sometimes we will anchor in a pass and feed the baits down the current, or toss them up and let the bait drift. The results usually play out the same…BOOM, big bite or explosion on the surface as the live bait tries to flee, then it’s drag screaming, rod double down and suddenly a big snook or tarpon is tail walking or doing flips, while we squeal happily and yell out in the boat! Every now and then we get surprised by an angry bull shark. But whatever the predator, the battle will take place and be will be framed upon some of the most beautiful backdrops of tropical evening skies our region has to offer.

Give me a call and let’s chat and let me get you excited to set up a nice evening on the water!

Tight Lines!

Captain Tim 239-821-9375