Had a Blast fishing for sheepshead snapper and redfish with the Doctor and the Professor!

March 29, 2020 5:33 pm By:

I knew it was gonna be a fun morning when Rich and Tim from Jersey and Connecticut were sharing what kind of work they do up north…Tim, a retired biology and ecology professor, was ready to describe his work with stories from 40 years of Rutgers life. Field studies, cool trips, etc. Rich, on the other hand, was a Dr, and coyly watched and listened. I could tell he knew his turn was coming. Drs are usually pretty quiet and laid back when asked about work, but the wince and the smirk gave it away, when Professor Tim made sure he told me he was a Gynecologist. After a quick second of silence, we laughed, as he was ready for the jokes and questions that were sure to follow. Of course, I was very mature and professional and didn’t jump right on that easy toss! We were there to fish. And it was another morning of non stop fish on every single bait we put in the water. We could have had a fish fry with all the big sheepshead, mangroves, and redfish we caught till we emptied the livewell. Loved watching the Professor work this little finger line twitch and cat like hookset to snatch sheepshead after sheepshead. And the Dr? You know its coming… and, of course, he was the master of the snapper…lost count of all the shapes and sizes he brought in before sending them on their way afterwards, a lil sore, tired, and maybe a lil humbled…and I digress! Couldn’t help it. More laughs, 100% released fish, tons of great stories. Another fun day in the Southwest Florida heat, Southerngentlemen style!

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The Professor with a nice sheepshead on first cast
The Professor with a nice redfish
The Doctor took a break from the snapper bite to catch a redfish…