Fishing in Early September has been Splendid!

September 13, 2019 1:36 am By:

If you have ever wanted to get in some good fishing in SW Florida, September is always a good month because we start to feel the breezes cool us a little, and the angle of the sun starts to wane, but the water is hot, and the fish are still all over the place. One day you can catch 40 redfish in one area, the next they may be gone and replaced with snook. Tarpon show up in random places, and even the tripletail and flounder mix it up in the back waters.

Grant above, caught this tripletail in the rain, in the mangroves. What we thought was a stubborn redfish way back in the mangrove roots turned out to be the scrappy fighter we usually look for in the offshore waters aroung the crab trap bouys.

The bait has been small, but elephants eat peanuts. Check out these two nice redfish that ate tiny baits.

Kim caught her first snook on Labor Day Weekend
Grant caught this redfish on the incoming tide along with a dozen others.
This nice little flounder was a pleasant surprise in the mixed bad that as been early September.

Don’t let the brushes with the hurricanes Florida has experienced the past weeks discourage you from getting a taste of this good fishing and a fun day on the water . Give me a call and chat about fishing or book a trip and lets do it in person!

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