Fishing continues to produce great fish and even more fun!

January 29, 2020 2:48 pm By:

With the cold fronts coming and going, he wind, sun, and weather seem to change daily. One thing that keeps staying exactly the same is the fishing. Fun, busy, and full of surprises, trophies, and good eating.

We are fishing mostly with shrimp right now, and I have not had to worry about leftovers at the end of any trip. Tripletail, snook, redfish, jewfish, mangrove snapper, black drum, Spanish mackerel, spotted seatrout, Jack Crevalle, sheepshead, and even a big shark have been part of what seems like endless action wherever we are fishing. Check out some of the pics:

Barb caught this nice tripletail on her very first cast of the day!
Then she went and caught this big ol’ tripletail, a few more buoys later which we took home for the table! These fish are so exciting, from the initial stalking up to the crab trap buoys they hide under, to the awesome fight filled with power and the occasional aerobatics!
Non stop action, even when they are small snook will keep you smiling!
Mark showing off a feisty jack crevalle that earned a picture
Sheepshead have been crushing the shrimp!
Rodney caught his first jewfish down south at Cape Romano
Dan, Rodney, and Tino are all fraternity brothers from Radford VA still fishing together, laughing, and thumping some big sheepshead!
Nice 100 pound plus spinner shark crushed a mackerel chunk and put on a display that would make a tarpon jealous. The sharks are starting to show up in lots of back water haunts!
Redfish haven’t gone anywhere and are always ready to fight you for a chance to go home for dinner, or a chance to swim away and fight another day!

This January has been an outstanding month for fishing, despite weather changes that have fluctuated from balmy snooky feeling late spring days, to wintertime cold, windy, heavy jacket days, that make me want to curl up with the cats in front of a sunny window. I am feeling this February coming fast, and with even better fishing, more laughs, more big smiles and tons of fun!

Let’s go git some!

Captain Tim

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