Cool Temps and Hot Fishing

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As the cooler temperatures have arrived, two styles of fishing are consistently producing some nice fish. The first, is using shrimp, shrimp tipped jigs, and small pilchards to work the back waters which are alive with redfish, snook, trout, jack crevalle, mangrove snapper and a variety of other fish . The other, is to slip outside to a fishery that has come alive in these cooler months – the near shore shallow wrecks. When the weather is calm and balmy and the skies are blue, there is no time that is easier and better to head out and have an opportunity to tangle with the fish of a lifetime, or to get a load of the aforementioned fish, plus grouper, jewfish, cobia, and even king mackerel. I get my bait for these trips on the markers in the deep water and ‘match the hatch’ when we head out to the wrecks, using larger pilchards and pinfish.

Bob caught this nice redfish in the mangroves using jigs worked slowly on the bottom

The past weeks have seen the transition into both of these fisheries, and there have been some happy fishermen, families and kids enjoying the fun!

George and his family from New York braced a rainy cold front morning for a nice redfish (above) and a Christmas Card photo finish when the sun came out with this Jack Crevalle
John took the week off and took his sons fishing…as you can see above, it paid off, as we went out to a shallow wreck and literally caught fish all day long!
Rick and his wife Keri (above) from Detroit, got a taste of both worlds, starting off in the morning on the wrecks, and wrapping up a full day of fishing in the mangroves…we caught loads of snook, jewfish, jack crevalle, spanish mackerel, and countless other fish.

The key to everything is getting on board and booking a trip…we will match the weather, your crew, and exactly how you want to spend your time on the water to an awesome fun filled day of fishing!

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